Pre-Workout Foods – Oats

By Tom 0
21 August 2015

You’re getting ready to hit the gym but you don’t know what to eat. What foods will give you a good boost of energy, help you sustain your workout and reach your maximum potential? What foods would you eat?

The following series of posts look into what food(s) act as great pre-workout foods due to their energy release, fiber and protein content.


Oats are a great pre-workout food that will drive fuel into your body to give you that boost. They have a decent fiber content (3g per cup of 28g serving) and coming in at 19g of carbohydrates per serving, they will you a slow, sustained energy release. Not to mention that oats can help to lower your Cholesterol too due to their fiber content. For more information on fiber and how it can help your health, read about the zero calorie carb here.

Best Consumed: When you’re heading to the gym next, consume a serving of oats no later than 30 minutes prior to your workout.

According to the Glycaemic Index (GI), Oats have a GI value of around 50; their Glycaemic Load is 9.5 (below 10 is classified as low). For more information on oats see and for more information on the GI scale and GL of foods, see Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load.

Please also note that the more refined the oats are, the lower their fiber content and therefore faster they will release into the blood stream (resulting in a higher GI and GL).

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author: Tom

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